Candidate Experience

Unfortunately, there is a commonly held view that the search/recruitment industry is populated by ill-informed and untrustworthy individuals, who are solely focused on making short-term monetary gains. Fundamentally, at MRA we believe that an honest, ethical and open approach is the only way to operate. We aim to build meaningful and long-standing relationships with both clients and candidates alike, which are based on these core values. We believe that it is this approach, above all else, that is the reason people enjoy working with us, and seek to do so repeatedly as their careers/businesses progress.

When lawyers are beginning to think about a move in-house from a law firm, we will advise on all aspects of this critical juncture in their career, from questions around timing and the impact on your future prospects, to salary considerations, interview processes, and the vagaries of different industry sectors. Often that relationship with candidates can start several months, and sometimes years before they are ready to make the move. We will guide you at every step of the process, providing you with as much information as we can, and always endeavouring to be as objective as possible. We also regularly work with more experienced/senior candidates who are seeking a move within the in-house market, typically in order to progress their career, but also sometimes driven by salary, location and/or working pattern considerations.

We regularly advise candidates at all levels on the format and content of their CVs. We also advise on factors that can become more critical as your career progresses, such as people management, responsibility for areas outside the legal function, Board involvement/interaction, and so on.