Retained Search - Client

MRA directors and consultants have successfully worked on a number of retained mandates for UK and US firms at both the top end and in the mid market.

Specific practice areas we have worked in include but are not restricted to;

  • Corporate M&A
  • Private Equity
  • International Arbitration
  • Transactional Life Science
  • Energy
  • Funds
  • Regulatory
  • Employment
  • Outsourcing.

The retained search process is briefly set out below;

  • Once we have agreed exactly the client’s requirements our research team will produce a long list of potential targets. In conjunction with the client we will review this list and agree a shorter and highly targeted list of people to call.
  • We call every target on the short list, and arrange to meet them personally. This is an important part of the process as it allows us to screen the candidates to ensure that they are the right fit for the role. It also guarantees that the candidate is expertly briefed on the organisation and the opportunities the role offers.
  • We will then work closely with both the client and candidates to manage needs and expectations to make any interview as productive as possible. Of course a successful interview relies on chemistry, but it’s surprising how many fall apart because of poor planning or a miscommunication of information before the event itself.
  • MRA can be as proactive or invisible as required in the closing stages of the search. We can assist with advice on compensation, market rates, and how to best distinguish the opportunity from any competition.

A retained search is seldom a quick and easy answer to a clients needs. The process has inevitably been brought about as an imperative strategic requirement in an area with few available resources. MRA is vigilant in explaining to the client the chances of success and likely timeframe required to successfully fulfil the mandate. Once we have committed to the process we will work with the highest levels of diligence – often over an extended period – to bring the exercise to a successful conclusion.